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Designing a bathroom takes many different factors in to consideration. From the climate of your area all the way to the final appearance, bathroom designing is a process laced with many complexities that most people tend to ignore.

For instance, the light coming in from your bathroom window is not often a main point of consideration for many. However, it is one of the most important factors to take in to account when you set out to pick the colours and the layout of your bathroom. Although you might not be spending a great deal of time in your bathroom as the other rooms of the house, for most of us, it is the first place you visit in the morning. For some people, it is the place where they put on makeup. Therefore, if you have some natural sunlight coming in to the room, it is best to make good use of it rather than resorting to artificial lighting.

The light determines the colour of the bathroom fittings, tiles and accessories. If you have very little natural light coming in to the bathroom, why not opt for some light colours that will reflect and spread the light all over the room? White may seem like the obvious choice, but pure white has blue undertones and therefore could be a bit harsh on most skin colours. Instead, opt for colours that are warmer for the wall and floor tiles. You could always select white bathroom accessories as they will match the majority of wall and floor colours while looking elegant and well put together.

Selecting the right colours and optimizing the available natural light is not everything. The next step is to choose the just right layout and theme for your bathroom. This can be done by consulting interior décor magazines and of course, the internet. But there are several important notes to bear in mind as you choose the ideal theme layout. For instance, the design of the rest of your house is also important to make a good decision. While you may want an ultra modern layout complete with futuristic fittings, the rest of your house may not agree with your choice. Therefore, make sure that you don’t make your bathroom look like a part of an entirely different house as you select the fittings and accessories.

Another thing is the availability of space and the shape of the room. If you are blessed with a bathroom space that is quite large and is a rectangle or a perfect square, you are definitely one of the lucky few who can practically follow any layout. However, most people have to deal with L shaped bathrooms, irregular sided spaces and even ones that have more than 4 walls. But, done’ be disheartened. Any space, no matter how irregular or small it may be, can be transformed in to a beautiful bathroom with some careful planning and the right accessories, fittings and colours.

While an interior designer may be able to help you make all the right choices to transform your bathroom in to a masterpiece, you can take things in to your own hands if you are willing to spend some time to draw up a great design. In addition to looking great, a bathroom also has to be functional as, in the end, it is created with a specific function. The placement of the washbasin, bathtub and toilet are to be taken care with extreme caution to make sure that you use the available space wisely and to avoid the creation of any unwanted hassle to use the bathroom.

When it comes to designing and furnishing a bathroom,it is necessary to understand that renovation and a new construction are different situations that need to be handled differently. In addition, the quality of the tiles and fittings is also important. Since a bathroom is not created with the idea of renovating or remodelling within a short time, make sure to select high quality fittings to avoid unnecessary repairs and any unexpected malfunctions sooner than you would expect.

Cost is also an important part of a bathroom designing project. You need to start by setting a budget before you finalize your design. You could keep the cost in check by shopping for low cost bathroom fittings that don’t compromise on appearance. There are many companies out there who specialize on providing low cost and good quality bathroom fittings. Always remember to keep your suppliers in check to make your dream bathroom a reality, without any obstacles on the way


Don’t just take our word for it here’s some reviews from a sample of our UK and International Customers:

"We have tried numerous bathroom suppliers from all around the world and yet time and time again the guys at Bathroom Furniture Ltd always deliver the highest quality fittings and Bath furnishings for our high end clients at very reasonable wholesale prices. I’ve found Mark to be an absolute gent to work with and he always goes to the ends of the earth to ensure our complete satisfaction. Keep up the good work guys! I can fully recommend these suppliers to any plumbers out there!"

"We had a major refurbishment job for a large Hotel here in Christchurch which suffered after the earthquake and needed a total overhaul of more than 100+ bathrooms; needless to say we had to scramble to find a suitable supplier for such a large commercial plumbing job.

We were suitably impressed with the efficiency and range of Bathroom products available with this company and would whole heartedly endorse them and now have them bookmarked in our rolodex as our go to bathroom fittings supplier."

"Two big fat plumbing thumbs up … completely satisfied with them from start to finish of the ordering and delivery process."

"As a boutique high end plumbing and bathroom renovating company in Durban we have to be really picky about our suppliers, simply because our customers demand the highest attention to quality and detail. We are happy to say Mark and the team match those high demands our clients need and we would not look anywhere else for our bathroom furniture."

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